Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Breathe Easy

So today I took not one - but two finals back to back. The first one I arrived a half an hour late too- of no wrong doing of my own- *Dang on slow public Transportation*- I still did my thing on that test and finished on time. i then prgressed to my second final which was very very very insteresting, and I am not very very interested in seeing my final score >_>. Hmmmm cann u say repeat that class:) I CANT!!!

Welp I would hope that everything turns out well but I guess we will just have to see. Today
I learne dthat very rarely do surprises work out the way u plan them and. I also learned that I really enjoy planning surprises. :) i ill get better at it. I am schemming on another surprise for hristmas. I am thinking that I will tell my peeps that that I won't be coming home for anothe two days and then show up and pop out and scare someone. I was also considering hiding actualy underneath a gift box made out to my brother and then he wouldn't be able to resist opening it and then I would jump out. Hmm but that trick would require a huge box which would require at least 20 dollars. >_> yeaa not that serious!! But I have some time until that dat comes, in the mean time I will be closing out this semester :) ttyl

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