Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Love Money 2

Uhmmmm am I the only person that is gonna have a hard time watching the rest of love Money 2 being that all of the best characters have already been eliminated. I really had my herat set on The Entertainer winning and if not him then I wanted Becky Buckwild to win Now that they r both gone I am hoping that Angelic wins she seems like the nicest person and she deserves the money. Everyone else is kind of wack and has done questionable things. By questionable I mean they have lied, misled, been two faced or just demonstrated plain bitchassness and one person that got on my nerves was Sappyre when she snatched the check from the host that was not called for he was nice to her and she flipped out on him.

She also had a meltdown and totally lost her cool and was about to quit the whole show for nothing cuz in the Myyamee didn't even eliminate her. That would have been a mess. i am glad she stayed and I hope she gets farther in the game or at least lasts longer than Myamme. Well that sums it up for I love Money 2.

I am looking forward to watching Grey Gardens.

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