Monday, April 20, 2009

I Wonder about Blogging

I wonder about blogging sometimes and whether or not its rele for me ...obviously it is lmaooo i kidd .. but no rele its awesome and I have a personal connection to expressing myself in writing..its cathartic. having to push these little tiny buttons to let out all my built up hyseria does something for me.. not quite sure what but something.

I wanted to comment on a few movies that I have seen lately. I most recently saw Observe and report, A Haunting in Connecticut and The Watchmen. I actually even ordered a t shirt of the Watchmen and it was delivered to the wrong address I really need to investigate that but w.e.

SO the Watchmen was good the story line lacked emphasis on anything in particularly interesting but the cinematography was untouchable. The "Americaness" of the film made we want to join the army or at least get a spandex suit and fight crime.

A Haunting in Conneticut was good. Some of the story line flattened out but it was okayy. The kidd in the movie the main character and the dad did an amazinggggg job acting. The prists character was cool. The idea that when people are sick and near death that they are in between two worlds and can see things that other people cannot was awesome. One thing the movie dd not explain throrougly was the whole thing about the writing on the bodies and the explanation about the missing eyelids was a little fuzzy. My favorite part of the movie and also the funniest part was when the priest removed the remains of the ghost and then calle dthe house and was like "I've made a terrible mistake theres nothing but rage in the house" That was hilarious, but u gotta see it though.


Observe and report was hi lar i ous!!! omg that movie was crazy funny Anna Ferris gave her usual funny bestness. She is soooo funny. Her character was great the flasher scenes were weird and i cannot believe the movie was only rated R.

My favorite character in the movie was Dennis he is too much lmfaooooo, and my favorite part was when the Indian kiosk guy and Ronny were arguing and did the F&^(*& u's all drawn out.

And yea that smy little movie review for right now thanks for readin buh bye!

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