Monday, November 9, 2009


Lmfaooo so Im in White Castles and this morbidly obese woman comes
in...and she starts yelling and talking to everyone. She is totally
obnoxious and she orders everyone around and asks for the cashier to
bring her her food. She screamed for the cashier to bring her anapkin
with soap and water so she could wash her hands. She has the cashiers
doing all types of stuff they don't normally do because she is too big
and can't reach it herself.

She asked a kidd to get her soda for her cuz she couldn't reach the soda
fountian. Then she yelled and hollered for help when she was leaving
because she dropped somthing. And she left 20 minutes ago and there sre
still talking about her and apparently the lady does this everyday. I am not even faulting her for being overweight but if she is gonna be over weight then she should be more independent and not have to disrupt everyone for help.

God Bless her and I hope she loses weight and stops making a scene and
being so loud and ordering ppl around everywhere she goes


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