Thursday, November 19, 2009


Dalenzo..Lenny for short please stop hanging out in burger king tryna
holla at weird ppl. And vunerable stragglers who r willing to talk to u

Totally approached Sheila and then tried to find out her children's
names asked if she trusted him offered to take her tray and then asked
if she would go with him on a trip out to fox woods casino this Sunday
O_O He asked her several times if she was married and how big/ muscular
the children's father was. O-O and then as she was about to leave he
asked if they could exchange numbers and again she was smart enough to
decline. And then after further talking he gives her his number that
ends in 4892. O_O omg he keeps pressing her to call him when she gets
home to let him know she got home safe.

He claims he has a bodyguard and that he works a lot and he would like
to take her on this trip O_O and then he goes im not gunna drive u off
a cliff O_O and then goes on to discuss the bus times coming back from
fox woods. And Sheila was smart enough to politely decline and tell him
that she would think about it.

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