Monday, December 7, 2009

Bill bryson a short history on everything

Moho discontinuity is a deflection of shock waves telling us that the
earth has a core like rock or some sort of barrier

-heart broken @ pges 474-477 so sad that people would have such
disregard for life ppl are evil purely totally ignorant, unappreciative
totally oblivious to the disgusting crimes they commit. Humans were so
irresponsible how could u wipe out species without caring... The way the
most interested were the ones who killed the most is kind of serial
killer esque they way a stalker becomes obsessed with their victims and
believes that they love them but actually kills them.

Sad but yea the good bye chapter was interesting becase its true we r at
the beginning hopefully we will do better @ keeping uhp our planet.
Lmao @yellow stione park

_ poor geologists that got vaporized @ the volcanoe sites lmaooo

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