Sunday, January 24, 2010

Historic Elmurst Cemetery


These shoes r wild out ...only @ daffys

My fav Wendys

This is the Weny's that was a Mc'Dowell's in coming to America

Queens Center Mall

As usual my domain

Gum Spots

Every speck u see in this picture of a Queens sidewalk is an individual
piece of gum that is now a permanent part of this sidewalk O_O

Like how many ppl does it take to chew and collect this many pieces of
gum on one specific block. Since its all in one concentrated area most
of these gum spot probably came from one habitual gum chewer YUCK!

More Rickety Bridge Pics

White Castles is Awesome

White castles is soo cool and this one has been here for a long time

Macy's 34th St Herald Square

Historic Macy's @ Herald Square old elevators and the Post office on the
9th floor

Cool Places

Cool Places in Manhattan


The neighborhood is interesting and has a really homey feeling to it