Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yayy New Begginings

New Life in a new city I like it. Honestly its better than what I could
have imagined, everything is falling into place. Sometimes you gotta
take a risk or step out on faith, and "sometimes on a way to dream you
get lost and find a better one" I am infinitely grateful that I
believe that I have the power to change my situation and reality, so
many people are existing and just accepting things the way they are
handed to them without really believing that they have any control over
their life smh so sad. But Im soo glad that I know better, whatever you
work towards you will get better at and eventually u will probably be
really good at it.

BTW I rele want to watch Breaking bad ep 3 I need to catch uhp on so
many shows my new years resolution is to catch uhp fully on:

*breaking bad

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