Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Got on the Wrong Bus

-________- So this morning was a Straight fiasco! It started when my express bus was running late and when it= (the wrong bus) cam and I got on it ughh so I"m on the QM 11 instead of the ten but I don't realize that this is a problem until instead being in miwn manhattan I was passing south street ferry and battery park along with a lot of water OoO I was like nonononono not now not this morning lmaoaoaoao I fought the urge to ask where the bu was goin and expose my hotmess situation lmfaoo.  I played it ear and did well I got off at water street and hannover near wall street, I used my way finder app to find the nearest subway line and asked some lady where the nearest subway was lmaoaoaoaooa I walked from water street uhp william st to the wall street two and three station and rode the three back into the city lmaoaoaoaoa it was such an adventure I felt like an ass while I was on that bus bus I remedied the situation rele quickly and quietly I don't think anyone could tell I was totally lost lmfaoaooaoaoaoaoaoaooaoa I guess the lesson is to pay attention when boarding an express bus lmao on the other hand it is soooo cool and old world down there it reminded me of the Bone Collector (awesome movie) hehehe

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