Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Upgrade Nearly COMPLETE

Okay so I did cop the concealer that I wanted well >_> actually in all truth I would have preffered revlon cuz that concealer is BOMB but Loreal concealer and the tru Concealer will have to do.  I did not get the revlon cuz they didn't carry it in my color *duane reade ur wack*  and I felt brown and ugly and discriminated against I never kno whether its because brown ppl don't call in to have it ordered in stock or if its racism >_> ITS RACISM because I doubt that the local white shoppers had to call and ask the store to carry their make uhp color porclain colored make uhp is a staple everywhere -____-  *murmers nigroid displeasure with the world* lolz >_> so mayyybeeee I will call several duane reades and have them order a darker complexion cuz that's hella wack and its 2010 blk gurls wear plenty of makeup why don't we have any options in the stores ...that's messed uhp I shouldn't have to shop in the ambi section just cuz I'm not caucasian.

But neways enuff about freeing the people ....I got a refill on my blotting tissue its a hundred sheets for twelve USD I needed it cuz my face = GREASE

ALSO I dunno why but those shoes r cute *shrugs* we shall see when I get them if they r comfy :D. Seeeee ya lataa or ttyl w.e.

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