Friday, May 7, 2010

The Verdict

So I did inspect the muscle toning sneakers offered at Payless for $39.99 and they are not as good as the ones for $100.00 at Sketchers!!!! YAYYY!!! 

Here's why: Sketcher's sole and support is made of softer cushier material which creates slight instability which is what tones ur muscles as they try to recoup from the instability.  The sneakers at Payless don't work as well because the sole and support cushions are not as soft and mushy as the ones in the Sketchers sneakers.  The Payless sneakers are the right cut height and everything else except the cushion in the sneaker has a harder layering which is inferior to the Sketcher shoe HA! So I didnt waste money

btw I ended uhp buying the black muscle toning flip flops they are cool. I wanted white for the summer but w.e. I will do wit what I have besides it might be a blessing in disguise, white flip flops might look gross by mid summer black flip flops match with more stuff and don't look as dingy. 

W.e so the Sketchers sneakers are better and more attractive but in all honesty when these wear out I will probably look into those Payless ones.

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