Friday, May 7, 2010

With No Shame

So since I'm sort of getting obsessed with staying in shape and being healthy yadda yadda...  I thought it would be a good idea to invest in a pair of these (admittedly ugly) shape uhp sneakers. 
So a pinch of back history on these shoes ...
These shoes first debut in Europe like ten years ago possibly fifteen for more savvy peeps but yea they have been around for a minute but they were sooooo expensive the price on a pair of sneakers in this style varied anywhere from three hundred to six hundred dollars depending on where you ordered them, originally they were only available online and in geeky magazines.  So naturally all of these factors made these shoes pretty exclusive but now you can get them any where inclusing Sketchers or even PAYLESS -____- this is wjere my unfortunate fate enters stage I puchased a pair of these last night on a whim at a sketchers store for a hundred dollars, not knowing that Payless offers the same style sneaker for $39.99
Of course I found this out after I alredy wore them to work thise morning = making them impossible to returm cuz now I've worn them outside

So now I would like to conduct an experiment on my Lunch break to see if the Payless brand ones are the same quality as the sketchers ones.  Hopefully they aren't so that I can feel better, and not feel like I wasted sixty dollars,  

Regardless to what results my experiment yeils I will be getting the flip flop sandals at Payless.  Lmao please notice the scientific data I have collected [seen in pictures above] in order to conduct a through comparison lolol

In the event that I find the payless shoes are just as good as the sketchers I will attempt to wash the soles = (removing evidence of being worn outside) and and return them to the store and go get the cheaper ones. WITH NO SHAME!

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