Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Denzel Fences and a Balcony Seat

So last Friday I went to go see Fences staring none other than Mr. Denzel...great play and cute madmness, me and a friend of mine met a cool coyple who we we racing to find a way to these empty balcony seats. Apparently other ppl also noticed those empty seats and also wanted to find them as me and me amigo ran down the steps after getting directions, some random crazy lady shouted at me that she wanted to follow me so she could sneak up into some better seats, so initially I was startled that someone was screaming at me then I was like oh hell no she's not gunna benefit from my genius and lateral thinking so I sped uhp which turned into a high speed chase through manhattans Cort Theatre LMFAOOO I was runnin down stairs around corners upstairs through curtains and finally we found the balcony and that lady was hot on our tracks just after we settled in and did a celebratory high five she pops her ghetto head right through the balcony seating seating curtains and again startles EVERYONE LUCKY for us there was no more room for her shameless self.

Also lucky for us I read the play and realized that from this angle we wouls miss an important part of the play since we coyuldnt see the tree or the bat. So we left and went back to our original seating v_v. WAMP WAMP WAMMMMMP

BUT THE HIGH SPEED CHASE WAS MADD FUN we did get props from the cool couple in the form of a thumbs uhp for finding the seats, and when I went back to my seat we also got hated on by an old fat lady stiff dry probably racist lady who couldn't help but inquire whether we returned to our seats because we got kicked out of the balcony, I assured her hatin ass that we hadn't been kicked out and gladly provided a huge spoiler by letting her know that we left because we were not able to see the bat and tree from that angle and that that was really important to the ending of the play LMFAOOOOO she waved her hands ina TMI and a gave me a curt okay alright".

Lmao yea basically good times what did uuuu do last Friday oh and of course dinner and gr8 convo followed

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