Friday, September 24, 2010

BE patient

>_> I guess w.e. I'm hungry please excuse delirious blog but yea wendys is awesome and I have exhausted all my lunch time calls and now I'm left alone to my own thoughts in the big city and since its Friday I don't fell like lunch with anyone booo v-v just me n my salad LMFAOOO!!!! Oh the injustice....random thought... I am enjoying reading Bill Clintons My life!  Stephen Colbert is verry verry funny just not received weel by congress bwahahahah!  I read the most awesome and stimulating blogs ever!

Also I talk about raism A LOT. I like light uhp when someone brings it uhp in convo dunno how good that it but w..e ITS MEEE.

Racism has always intrigued me welp byee

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OOh I think He Like Me

Nuthin sez Luuuuv like flowers at da job :D yayyyy

Yayyy hey eh !

Is the best day ever on this day *classified amount* of years ago a star was born was meeeee!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good Eats

I love my local diner ohhhh.

OIL and Eyeliner

So yea that's how oily my face can get,  and also I'm having an eyeliner dilemna....So basically my eyeliner runs, collects in a crease under my eye *a very minor and beautifully youthful crease* and then calls EXTRA ATTENTION TO THE CREASE making me look old and tired,  then when I try to corect this issue by wiping the black eyeliner away it smudges and fades to an unsettling green that makes me look sea sick..and old..and tired...FML I need a new eyeliner ASAFP!!


I'm so glad they dun serve fish sandwiches at the !quarium ...that would be rele awkward, however don't they serve meat at the zoo like hot dogs and burgers???

Aww Penguins and other ppl


Great weekend good food

Love the food in NYC good food is so awesome

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yeaaa That's It

Oh boy memories

How Beautiful is this

*exhale* that's what I'm talmbout

If I Wuzza Bunny

I'd Prolly Look like dat :D

Heaven Looks Like this...

Have you ever read that book Master and Margarita when the couple were cast to hell for their sins but because they love each other so much their hell was to spend eternity with each other which is basically heaven for both of them???

Well that's how I feel about Strawberry Shortcake ;D

I'm in Love