Friday, September 24, 2010

BE patient

>_> I guess w.e. I'm hungry please excuse delirious blog but yea wendys is awesome and I have exhausted all my lunch time calls and now I'm left alone to my own thoughts in the big city and since its Friday I don't fell like lunch with anyone booo v-v just me n my salad LMFAOOO!!!! Oh the injustice....random thought... I am enjoying reading Bill Clintons My life!  Stephen Colbert is verry verry funny just not received weel by congress bwahahahah!  I read the most awesome and stimulating blogs ever!

Also I talk about raism A LOT. I like light uhp when someone brings it uhp in convo dunno how good that it but w..e ITS MEEE.

Racism has always intrigued me welp byee

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