Friday, November 12, 2010

Escalators and Human Nature

So this morning I was able to observe sum interesting behavior on the subway.  Everymorninf usually at 34th st the escaltor to the right goes up and the escaltor to the left goes down..simple enough we live in America we walk/drive on or right why not escalate the same? Right? Right.

So this particular morning for w.e. reason the escalator on the right hand side was turned off and the escaltor on the left was going uhp.  I saw a lot of people see the right escalator stopped walk away from and take the steps I saw other ppl walk uhp to the escalator se that it wasn't moving hesitate then start walking up the escalator meanwhile I am On the escalator right next to them qietly ascending and baffled.

Damn are ppl that programmed that when something like the direction of an escalator changes they can't make appropriate adjustments???? What does that say about society mentally...emotionally???? No wonder everyone divorces and we all have hang uhps we cnt even adapt to the switch in escalator direction o-O weirdos we r true certifiable weirdos! 

I wonder if the results would be the same in a diff culture.  Other odd subway behavior: walking uhp/ down escalators u r alredy moving why the need to move faster? Also if u wanted to limb steps and be rocky why take the escalator why not take the steps??? 

Further .. the ppl who choose to take the crowded escalator then choose to walk then get annoyed when someone is standing on the escalator...I'm sure the steps would not have been crowded and they would have been able to *meep meep* in peace as fast as they wanted -____-

I'm returning to my home planet if condiitions here to not swiftly improve

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