Saturday, November 20, 2010


omg this movie changed my life!!!!!

Girlhood is a great documentary about two girls moving through the juvenile justice system in East B More ...You must alredy know about my affinity for Bmore so already I loved this film lol. Bt real talk this film was awesome a twelve yr old who killed someone gets out of juvee goes to school graduates continues onto college and becomes a motivational speaker.

Another girl Megan who i personally think is an amazingly awesome person deals with drug addiction in her family and runs away from foster homes. Shanae was inspirational but Megan hit home, I hope shes a okay supposedly she is now married and has children. Kudos to her shes been trough so much.

I was really touched by how both girls rejected being brainwashed into judging other ppl who were struggling for ex: Shanae refused to judge a scantily clad woman or a guy dressed in baggy clothes and her reason was "how can i judge them when I been there just cuz they still there" that takes a lot of something to be able to realize that, also when Megan wouldn't call the drug crowd undesirables because her mother was a drug addict. So interesting and so deep how someone so isolated and rebuked by everyone could have so much inner strength to hold onto their beliefs at such a young age. Truly inspiring!

Also sad how two girls get caught up in a world and do bad things and are perceived as bad when they are not its their environment its what they are exposed to and what they r thrown into that gets them into predicaments. I believe the DaLai Lama himself if raised in East Baltimore would catch at least a few charges, but yet we expect misguided children to become super heroes of their own making = Highly unlikely feat. More power to those in such situations i hope they come out okay.

W.e the pic above is of Megan Jensen, she reminds me of OZ from On The Outs also a great film I recommend both...i thnk ima make a lil list of great films and post it

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