Friday, November 12, 2010

Good Pizza

Shout out to my fav pizza spot on 9th ave!  Yesterday some guy came in bought $1 slice of pizza left ...had the nerve to come back complain about the slice he bought a few minutes earlier and be like it was nasty he wants his money back -___-

Me myself personally I think it is in poor taste to ask for a refund unless u have a roach or some kind of deadly chemical in ur food.  If u don't like the food then don't come back find a new spot.  This guy comes back makes a scene and starts yellin that the $1 pizza is nasty well he had no audience and there will be no uprising because not only would I expect $1 pizza to be nasty I don't buy it lmao for that exact reason please peep the top of the line slices above whaaahahaha!  Nah but they were delicious tho like rele! Thumbs uhp to da chef and shout out to the lil mexican pizza man who always put my pizza in the oven when I say don't warm it uhp.

Haha yesterday for the first time ever, he remembered when I ordered not to warm it uhp but that time I wanted it heated *bugs bunny voice* "ain't I a stinker"

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