Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bout to head out on the last and prolly the bestest journey of the yr

Whoo the stress was high but I made it through a last minute shopping fiasco @ toysr us then hopped on the train to head to the city to hop on a bus to head to another city= the story of my nomadic life.

Lmfao I made it to Port Authority in time to get to the atm then get tickets then get on the bus with no time to spare on my wey to have a great time with family n friends.

Yasheesh I can't wait till the morrow!  Maddd more stuff to do but some of the rush will be over and my bags slightly lighter.

Uhp bout to tune out on the best ride every the turnpike at night during the winter is spiritual I promise like I bet seeing the turnpike at night in the winter is equally as moving as seeing the Northern Lights lmfaoo well they r to my city pigeon butt! 

Hehehe Bon Jovi here I come!  Ohhhhhh I'm half way thereee

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