Saturday, December 11, 2010

OH What a Morning

So I arrive in the realist district ever still asleep after enduring an almost hellish bus ride.  It was cold the outlets didn't work for the first half of the trip and this stinky chatter box behind me talked the whole trip and she had Doo Doo Bref 4 days I hope that smell ain't get into my clothes #damn! 

But Nicki Minaj is keeping me sane as usual :D

And its really winter and the streets r empty no tourists everybody is in bed the metro is runners and ppl who have to be out. Lols #goodtimes ohh and I ain't even get to talk about my busy azz night last night lmfaoo yoooo I was a multi taskah!

I came home like 7 49 didn't change take my coat off or nuthin transitioned right into domestication started doin laundry then finished that went and got a Birthday cake for a Bum then went right into cleaning/packing/ xmas shopping organization finally getting to bed at like 1 40 only to rise @ 4 56 -___- lmao bu yow ya bitch got ADHD on a whole nova level.

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