Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm A Solider

Dayummmm I thought the snow was gunna be deeper than this and everything would be closed again today booooo!

Dear Snow,
Either go hard and shut stuff down or go home, cuz as it stands ur only making delays which makes me get uhp earlier to accommodate my day -___-

Uhm yea this weeks flores >_> well due to budget cutz the status of those is TBA however last weeks flores already went home to be with Jebus but I will post a pic of what they looked like lmbao!

Also this week in history:

Who was the first black person to utter the phrase "kiss my black ass!" ?

Whom ever it was, where ever they are ...Thank You ^_^ ya done good..ya done good for us all.


Yes this was all my letter to the snow...we go back (bad break up in 06 turned out he was snowing all over town, plus he was rele clingy during the winter months and as soon as the weather got warmer ya couldn't find him..I deserve someone who is there for me year round, we're totally cool now and we don't like to talk about it ..its just one of those things ya know

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