Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm So Glad, Rainy Days

Rainy Days don't really bothe rme.  i actually like them now.  I don't even mind walking in the rain even when its pouring.  typically if I am expected somewhere I won't just walk through a down our without an umbrella but if im headed no place spectacular especially while the sun is setting in the summer a rainy walk is pretty awesome.
When I was younger rainy days used to make me sooooo sleepy I wanted to stay home from school, if i absolutely had to be at school the day would drag!  I would be so drained. It was hard for me to focus on school work and the day last forever and was just blah.  Now I  barely care about the weather.  It could be two feet of snow out and I would probably still walk to the train and hit up the gym lmao.
I barely notice when its raining or not AND IT SEEMS O HAVE VERY VERY VERY little affect on my mood or perception of time.  Rain is just w.e.  I mean i titally appreciate but that whole sleepyness coming along with the rainy day doesn't happen anymore.  oh well i guess thats progress.  I hope its progress and not because Ive turned into a some corporate robot. v-v >_> its the robot.  But still!
So today I had an awesome day even though it rained I trekked manhattan panned my commute down to the minute, got everyhere i needed to go in record time accomplished like three goals a mile away in an hour.  One of those goals was eating lunch witha  limited amoutn of time. :D im feely pretty nifty lmaoaoaoa
*that awkward moment when someone asks a nosey question and you ignore it*
but yea today rocks and i've got even more crap to accomplish soon.  toodles

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