Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kola Boof's Sexy Part of the Bible

Let me tell you how I started reading this book yesterday morning and finsihed it last night.  thsi book was good in the sense that it wa smystical an captivating but at the same time I feel liek a lt of my not being able to put this book down was anticipation for something good to happen and I finished the book and i am still waiting for something good/ exciting to happen -_-.  I mean it was a good read it was entertaining however it was not nearly what I expected. 
Based on the way this book was promoted I was expecting a longer more thesis like version of the Doll test.  for those of you not familiar with the doll test google it. W.e but I was not aware from the promotion that this book was creative fiction.  -_- I was expecting social analysis in real terms and stories not a fictional character, and tehn there is the science fiction twist of the clones -__- Im not even gunna get into that.  This book wa sgood but not as historical information, as I expected.  Like how you gunna call a book the sexy part of teh Bible and never mention and bible verses and really never actually get into the bible or point out any parts that support the title of your book.  I would really have to say Im feeling a pinchy bit mislead by the title and the promo of this book.  Ther ewas only one part where some racist went on a rant about how Black women are the sexy part of teh bible and how they are impure bleh bleh bleh condeming interracial marriages bleh bleh and then thats it!  No church testimonies no nothing just the perspective and story of this one girl Eternity.  And Eternity's story is that she is really dark skinned however she was a very poor example of how black girls are rejected in society and how they are not picked and girlfriends or wives because in the story,  Eternity becomes a super model -__- and is revered for her beauty.  Eternity in this book is called pretty, beautiful and stunning so many times its not really making an argument for how Black women are mistreated. 
Eternity ends up rich and famous without any effort on her part, she was bored of staying in her rich white boyfriends house in Europe so she took the subway and a photographer stoppped her and took pictures of her in thestreet because she was so pretty and then she becomes an international fashion icon -____-  I mean im not really sure how many black girls can say they are being courted desperately by millionaires and just become supermodels over night by riding the subway *WAMP* -__-
So as far as this book speaking for the systematic exclsuion of black girls from the media and w.e. i mean the agency was very different.  But a good story if you wanna just kick back and read a story.  However if you were reading this book for a purpose and you were expecting concrete facts, and historical references to racism and black women being put down, then yeaaa you would've been dissapointed like myself. 
One thing i have to say after reading this and Kola's autobiography she has a thing for writing about love that is really irresponsible, like her characters will love people that beat them and otherwise nmistreat them and the book will be like but no one could understand their connection except for them -_____- if someone is mentally stable and loves another person you dont beat the shit out of them LMFAOOOO
I am concerned that this message throughout her literature is a bad influence on women id abusive relationships.  I dont know why Eternity was so ramshackle that she even bothered with that rapper dude cuz he was a mess and totally ignorant like really really really ignorant and didnt make any sense plus he was immature and not a good person so why was she even worried with him?  then its like this thing in her novels that conveys the message that her characters are sooooo desperate they will hate a person tehy are in a relationship with but stay because of sex -___- i aint never heard a thing like this before if u disliek someone and they are bad people to the point where they have formidable enemies I think its timt to cut your losses with this guy, its not like he is the last man on earth.  
I guess because of Kola's own immense suffering in her life she has this thing of self sacrifice and never really being happy, and it plays out through her characters.  her characters keep lamenting over how they are african women and as such they have to bend to the will of the men around them and cause themselves suffering even for the most trivial things.  Its silly it really is,  like realistically why would Eternity be so caught up in so called African women's duty when she was raised by liberal white americans -____-  like and taht whole sense of duty to your people while its your own husband thats walking over you... its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo foolish
theres no way in hell a reasonable person is gunnna tolerate their husband sleeping around and acting like a child just because she is an African woman and shouldnt speak against her husband because she took vows to cook and clean for him for the rest of her days i mean thats really ridiculous! like really really ridiculous.  Like cult member ridiculous! anywho  i dont recocomend this book to anyone who has heart problems or high blood pressure or to those who are easily stressed by the folly, shortcomings and or the bad decision making of African negroes. lmaoooo

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