Wednesday, July 27, 2011

AHh the olde blogs

I love blogs, like when I tell you I think the best thing the internet ever encouraged was blogs im so serious.  Never mind mapquest, or any other feature not even the access to the how to type of info cuz blogs are wayyyyy more interesting.  A few years back when I first started blogging I was soooooooooooooooooooo into reading blogs.  I was an addict.  I would on a beautiful summer day, willingly and very happily stay home peruse mad blogs comment and just hangout in cyber space and i thought it was soooooo much fun.  Looking back its unbelievable lol, every now and then I go to peek at one of my old time faves and usually the blog will be stagnant. 

Like everybody either deserted their blog all together and possibly started a new one or several others or just plain grew out of the whole blogging thing.  I think I'm like an old g now as far as frequency with my updates and everything.  Most other bloggers even if they do still sort of have an active blog they r updating like three or four times a year now as opposed to like twice or more a week.  Sheesh I hate when habits just like old friendships do this.  It sucks, v_v I wish humans in general could be better individuals and stick to things they start like all those vacant blogs out there in cyber space its like floating dead bodies its weird.  I cant help but wonder what happened to these people.  Its a particularly hurtful kind of wonder, like a blog especially a personal one is somebody's life somebody's story, somebody's legacy, when it just stops being updated its erie, like why not leaving a forwarding link, or say in your last post that u hate blogging and wont do it anymore its bizarre, I dont think I could do that.  In my blog I have a twitter connected so even if I did stop blogging my twitter would let u know what I was up to and even even neither of those let you know you could always send a message to which I would respond pretty quickly.  Its like weird to me to just abandon a blog its like a piece of you. hmmm 8runs away never comes back*

lmfaoo don't you love when people do that!?!  Bash something to hell and then do exactly that lmfaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoao

btw I finally finished Valley of the Dolls I loved it!!!!!  It was soo good and soo real and sooooooo down to earth and it taught lessons.  Its like you cannot control what others do and u cannot let what they do control you oh well *life in a nutshell* I tried watching the movie on netflix as soon as I got home yesterday but i lost interest i didnt understand teh casting,  Anne was brunette = HOW THE HELL R U GUNNA EXPLAIN THE WHOLE BOOK SHE IS CONSTANTLY DESCRIBED AS BEING BLONDE -__- bewwwwwww

so i lost patience and passed out swimming had knocked me on my donkay hours earlier its a wonder I had even tried to do that. lmao  welpszas toodles.

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