Monday, July 25, 2011

Beach Day

This weekend at the Beach was awesome I don't think I will ever stay away from the beach this long again. LOL will be there this weekend most def! and the week after and the week after that and eventually it will be rele cold v_V so I will have to wait lmao  but in the meantime im tryna chilll lol.  This summer ended up being spectacular I thought cuz Im vacationing in the fall it was gunna be one of those summers ya know like bleh its hot but not rele much going on.  it actually turned out to be pretty nice.      Summer is now my fav season.  It makes a huge diff how you spend your time, if your attitude is bleh then your life will be bleh if your attitude is YAYYYYYY then your life will be YAYYYY lmfaoooo and yes that the best way I could describe it.  But this may not even be true just my little belief. im still reading Valley of the Dolls bwah haha the book is getting a little depressing at first it was adorable how everyone was in the big city they were young and everything worked out for them now they are all getting up in years and all of them seem unsatisfied and still searching for happiness and they all have money now like lots of it.. None of the main characters ever have to work again ever but they still don't have the happy sweet home life they always wanted with some kids and decent husband.          Damn that's a depressing story for an aspiring XYZ to read cuz coming up all you think is missing is wealth and fame (if your into that sort of thing) but to hear about ppl who have all the clothes they could ever imagine, more money than they could ever spend and still aint happy and no kids dayummmmmmmm oh hell,  I wonder how women received this book when it first first came.  like were the poorer women glad and thankful about their own life and like u seee look at them?  or were they even more doomed to find out that money, beauty, and fame really dont solve your problems. 

You know who I don't like though..Neely her ego is unreasonable for someone coming from her background.  Like why and how could you show your ass that bad and ruin your own career/life?  Its bizarre to me, and I identify with and understand Anne the most well her and Jennifer  I understand where jennifer is coming from too but I dont get her frigidness and lack of love, Anne's either. And Kevin just done pissed me off, all this time Anne wants to be married and he's playing her out, now he has a heart attack and his impotent ass wants her marry just so he can be sure she wont leave, I rele rele hope she doesnt marry him, cuz he was triflin and played hee life and wants to keep her without having any kids cuz he dont feel like it and his kids wont like it= HOT MESS but now he's a useless no good impotent old good for nothing man and now he wants to marry,  shocking!  Anne should roll out str8 up lmfaoaoaoaoaoaoaoa

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