Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chewable Poopers

So im on this whole healthy kick thingy going to the gym everyday swimming, my life has become a really long tampon commercial... and a part of that wonderful experience includes adding fiber to my diet... there are sooo many benefits from having enough fiber and folic acid in your diet.. So I now eat these colorful little cheweable tabs that really don't taste so bad :)  they are like really big sweet tarts.  They taste pretty okay as far as chewable things of this sort go.  I would reccomend that you not get the store brand for whatever reason Benefiber has this chewable game on lock!  thats all i will eat, i mean im stuck with a box of not the best tasting Rite Aid store Brand strawberry flavored Chewables lmfao that taste like pink baby powder, but the picture looked pretty and i didnt believe at the time that artificial strawberry could ever taste bad..boy was I betrayed that day.  But I wil give you an update 100 chewable tabs from now on how that went lmaooo -____- reale this sucks tho

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