Friday, July 8, 2011

Dear Reader

I love writing to you, I feel like we are connecting, I know somehow that even though most of you are rachett nosy sneaky snakes that slither on here read and don't have the couth to comment *~_~*...that you  somewhere somehow appreciate my little log of meaningless events on this planet :D ...and that makes me happay! So howjudoin!?!  Howjomamadoin?? Howjobabydoin???  *(whispers) i wont mention the baby's daddy I know how you get*

but yea read comment, write back update me, interact. you know if u wanna if dont thats cool too v_v *its not rele cool* lolol but yes this is soo much fun dumping how I feel and think and what I want out into cyberspace,  lmao  im sure this is some sort of technological pollution but until its outlawed:

Like about three weeks ago at like 8:30 at night after working all day and doing laundry I get the stupendous idea that roller blading would be an amazing form of both transportation and exercise.

-__-     *you already know its about to be sum sh*t*

So by 8:45 I was on my way out to target to check out a pair of blades to get NOW and until I found a pair of fancy ones that I loved.  Also Modell's was closed because apparently normal humans shop during reasonable hours BOOO TO NORMAL HUMANS!!  SO I get there try them on and don't like them..first of all the wheels are way to hard, there's no ankle support and they are adjustable = epic failure, BEGGING FOR INJURIES, wamp!

SO naturally I'm not satisfied and put the roller blades back in the box and back up on the shelf.  I go home get there its time to settle in and sleep.  I settle in and right before I'm about to go to sleep I need to get my cell phone plugged in so it will be charged to wake me up in the morning.  I then realize after searching everywhere for like a half an hour that its not in my house.  So Im like noooooo I must have dropped it outside which basically means its gone forever.  So I accept this fact and lay down to go to sleep and as soon as my head hits the pillow I have these visual flashes of my cell phone being at the store and now that I'm thinking about it I dont remember having the phone after the store like not all all not to check the time or nothing, which is odd cuz im a cell phone teretes sufferer *meaning my ticks require me to touch my phone even though I have nothing to do on it*

SO then I realized I must have left it at the store.

So now its all clear as soon as I wake up I'm headed back to target to get my phone.  Luckily for me the need for an alarm it totally superficial.  Both my soul and endocrine system have accepted the fact that I am a wage slave and I now naturally get up at five -__-

So I get up and at 'em and get to target.  I first ask if anyone found a phone, no one knows, so I walk down the aisle don't see it, then I try to remember which box of roller skates I took down last night... lucky for me I'm a sloth and the box I took down is the only one out of place cuz I was too much of a bum to put it back where it belonged.  I open the box and there it was :)  not only was it there but it was still charged lmfaoooooooo and I had a message :) I felt soo special.. of course this high plumeted when I called several friends to share the great news and funny story, I called my besties up you know the super reliable ones the ones who are always there, the ones you can count on for everything... yea after I went through a list of five of those and no one picked up I just took my a$$ to work grateful that I didn't have to pay t-mobile however much to replace this lil dookie terd of a phone :)

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