Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Decidedly Resonably Indecisive

You How You Leave SOmething Behind When you're out shopping and ten you get home and realize whata  great deal it was and then you want to go back and get it?  Yea taht happened to me yesterday but the thing about it is wondering whether taht was a good decision to leave it behind??? and was it? cuz after all you are now making an extra trip to go get something you could've gotten in ne trip, and on the other hand you were being frugal and I guess one would figure I dont rele need this right now so im gunna put it down = reasonable,  and then you think well I will go home think about it and if I do want it then I will just come back.  That is also reasonable,  damn our fickle brains and how humans are so indecisive.  But indecisive ad reasonable at the same time...Reasonably indecisive...decidedly reasonably indecisive!  yea thats it..well this type of decision making process is whack and I wish I cold make these decisions faster! a lot faster!like immediately and then never look back with any regrets lol or having to come back to said store to get something I could have gotten in one trip .. its time consuming,  but then again shopping is this Milenium's  hunting :/

whut ever! shooo!

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