Thursday, July 21, 2011

Discoveries this Week

I wandered down by China town and Little Italy and spied out like five awesome looking spots to eat xD then yesterday I discovered down by Bowery an awesome hotel and chill spot that I'm sure will come in handy this amazing summer.

I alsoooo discovered the McChickn at McDonalds,  its sooo delicious HOW COME NOBODY TOLD ME!?!  I have never in all my years on this planet gotten a chicken sandwich from a fast food restaurant and I had a taste for chicken, nasty fried greasy chicken preferably nuggets from Wendys but Wendys was not in sight and I was hungry, and McDonalds was right there and there nuggets are whack so I was like ...wellll the McChicken looks aiiight ima try that... and pow! match made in heaven this is like my fav junk food now. :D Whuudah thunk it!

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