Thursday, July 7, 2011

Toning or Shaping up

SO I am a huge fan of shape ups I mean die hard,  like I love walking and since discovering these shoes I basically refuse to wear anything else.  they are sooo comfortable!!!!
No other shoe measures my opinion.  Recently I got a couple new pair for this summer my ones from last summer are blown out, lmao I mean to say that I wore them out is such an understatement, they are now smitherines ...yea thats how bad it is... and they're leaning, -_- one might question how could a shape up shoe lean well the answer to that grasshopper is wait till you see how much walking I do on the regular lololol! 
But yea so I got the ones in the two top pictures.  the Brown ones I actually got in Black leather, and the third picture is of a pair I liked but after I tried on it wasn't comfrtable o practical. 
The heel height on the third pair versus the low cushion on the ball of the heel made for an awkward placement of my foot and not enough support under the ball of my foot which any walker knows is bad news and callouses waiting to happen -___- so i left the little snake printed cuties a the store lol but the other two are awesome and very very comfy. :) Im is happys
oh and btw sketcherz are they shape ups or tone uhps cuz i have shoes that say tone ups in the heel and another pair that say shape uhps -_- im confuzzled also my size magically changed from a seven to an eight and when I brought them home the new sandals to investigate they are the exact same size>>>>  Sketcherz has not issued any type of notification that their size charts have changed -__- retail I tell yea!
I I wasn't so OD and tried on EVERYTHING  and over inspected products and garments for damages like tears and loose stitching i'd be pissed right now cuz i wouldve wandered into the stor ein hurry snatched a size 7 "knowing" that it was my size based on prior experience and came home and had a major hangover
oh well as usual buyer beware tootlez and i think I have to catch you uhp on other junk going on in my existence too lol bya

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