Monday, August 29, 2011

MOndays Who Needs 'em

SO its Monday and since the gloom and doom forecast for this weekend totally did nothing, with winds reaching geriatric fart power -_______- the MTA opened right back up there's no water to be seen anywhere, everyone is due back at work no class cancellations at school. -_____-  Business as usual and everything fun is still closed... like the gym  -_- or at least the parts I want to be open are not booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! wamp wamp wamp! 

On the bright side even though all of my amazing plans were cancelled this weekend I still managed to have a blast! and be productive, and rest like a lot.  I was also able to do something new that I hadn't previously tried and now of course I think I'm artist now lol.  Bit yea the weekend turned out to be fun and a lot less hazardous than I thought it would be :)

From here on out I'm keeping emergency supplies on hand so I don't have to do doomsday shopping again it was scary seeing people at the grocery store stock piling supplies like it was gunna be there last purchase <_> and the morbid people saying stuff like "okay I hope see you again" OMG! yea I heard some guy say good bye to his friend like that on the street yikes! me dun like it.

I wonder why when bored I crave the most unhealthy stuff why not the usual fruit?  why no veggies? really just m&m's lmao
I ate soo much junk this weekend whooo lmaoo when you're stuck inside the only rational thing to do is eat,...everything!

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