Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bizarre People and Why

I love connecting with bizarre people, because most of the time bizarre behavior is the mark of a genius.  It's a sign that the bizarre person has a unique thought pattern and probably valuable observations of their environment.  Curious bizarre people in particular are intriguing because that means that they detect something they can learn from me, which is flattering.  This is also an opportunity to learn and become better, to absorb that experience with that bizarre individual will give me an advantage somewhere later on. 

The difficulty that comes with this enriching opportunity is trying suppress the bad attitude or agitation that their unconventional behavior evokes. 

When you have a bad attitude you always lose out, even when the other person you are dealing with doesn't notice it you still miss an opportunity to gain knowledge because you can't soak up the little details while your steaming and busy being insulted or feeling attacked. 

*No ego mantra mode* 

Paying attention to questions is difficult.  Answering exactly and specifically only the question that is being asked at present without allowing any assumptions or prejudice to work its way into your answer is difficult.

The solution is to stop trying to anticipate or guess why this person wants to know that piece of information.  Trying to follow someone else's imaginary chain of discovery while simultaneously answering a question on the spot with no time to gather your thoughts is/ would be an extraordinary feat.  The average person cannot process and divulge information from so many different angles at once.

The issue with this then do you blankly answer questions?  Aren't we all supposed to think before we speak?  Suppose it's in your best interest to restrict certain information, or present it in a better form.  How can you be aware of self preservation, ward off possible trouble, protect your image while honestly, quickly, and efficiently answering questions?  Especially questions that you were not expecting, and cannot immediately figure a motive for?

I guess that's why the best and most annoying answer to any question is "why?"

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