Monday, September 12, 2011

Victoria's Secret Angel (not what you would think)

I encountered an angel at Victoria's Secret today.  She wasn't a model, she was a sales associate.  I had a coupon with the bar code ripped off of the back from the mail carelessly being opened, and I asked before I went looking for the item if I would be able to use the coupon.  One associate wasn't sure so she asked the Angel who held it up, looked at it , shook her head no, tried to read the coupon number and couldn't and continued looking at it shaking her head so I was finally like oh so I can't use it... and started to walk away when the angel spoke up and stopped me.  She said "Miss look you never know until you try, take it to the register and try it" I took her advice and went and found my little cute hip hugger took the torn coupon to the register and sure enough the Angel was right.  The cashier commented on it being torn but still let me use it :D so I got my little hip hugger free and bounced out of the store.  I didn't see the Angel as I was leaving to thank her, but I am thankful.  What she said to me was so simple but it spoke volumes and I will happily apply it to every part of my life not just when trying to use a coupon. 

This encounter had such an impression on me. I feel so uplifted and inspired.  I will remember the words of this Angel forever.  Its the small things.  You never know the impact of the stuff you say to other people.  *food for thought*

Wow, well thank you Angel! for contacting me and giving me that push in the right direction. :)

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