Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloweeen OR Todayyyy

Well well well this cold weather has def caught me by surprise:)
Im not sure if I wanna go out tonight on halloween especially since my silly self forgot it was halloween and left my dress at home..dunno if im tryna ride all teh way home to ride all he way back to the city IN THE COLD! mind you if it was nicer weather I'd be there no question... but uh ruh dunno its kind of a diff thing when u have to try so hard to do soemthing as opposed to "stopping by" ya know. Perhaps I could grab a dress and some shoes when I head out for lunch :/ yeaaaaaaa that would be cute cuz if I shower and saunter over to the shindig after work for an hour thats a lot! different than me going alll the way home and back to the city = failure.
But uh ruh yea its comin togeva its comin togeva.
I am currently reading fly girl this book is sooooo goo.  I bet if I had read this in High School it would have been amazing, reading it as an older woman its like ...>_> teenage romance is never this serious and I also generally view the adult relationships in this book as triflin and extremely immature and unrealistic...really really Tracy's Mom and Dad own their own home and they're like in their late twenties and comfy just working with no more school and a six year old kid ......-_______- okayy! w.e. and they are hella immature and there is a lot of physocal domestic violence between Tracy's mom and dad tehy seem way too immature to have been able to make the money they supposedly have and that dude is complaining about being too young and tied down but at the same time he is arguing with his wife about her being imature and them being too old for games -__- and she is arguing with him about her ragey family that comes over jealous and embarrassing everyone at functions SIKE!!!!
anybody who had the sense to snag a hubby and a degree and a house would know just when to put no good ppl in a boat and sail them down a stream cuz once you get stuff liek a marriage and a home with a kid I have to assume you would protect that better and worry less about other jealous women who don't really benefit you :/  hmmm perhaps times have changed maybe I'm just too ole for this book I dunno maybe this rings true with somebody somewhere. *shrugs* none the less this is a grreat!! book howeer with really immature views towards gender and an assumption that at 13 14 15 that teenagers are mystified by the opposite gender= *played* and like a 1923 viewpoint kids tehse days and i imagine even back on ohhhhhhh yea right this took place in the seventies didn't it *shuts up* perhaps nvm oh well
i can't wait till my netflix gets here :) woot woot  i need to add supernatural to my netflix but Im excited about getting my Twighlight Zone.

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