Friday, October 28, 2011

How I Benefited From Racism

lmfaooo! so Today was crazy, I left the office looking for a slice of pizza and a Library card, I found so much more.

A typical New York day. I stopped at Two Bros Pizza got a slice that was fresh out of the oven but took was good. Ate that while walking over to the Library nearest Bryant Park. On the steps of the Library there were Occupy Wall Street ppl protesting, I joined their crowd took some video and pics. Witnessed thier cult like call and response chant session about the ills of America lmao! Left went inside the library stood on the Library card line, was totally ignored by several staff members who left me there to die ( I love New York home of great customer service * end sarcasm*) Finally after 15 minutes of being neglected by staff members who would peep at me through book shelves and avoid eye contact - I found another staff member filled out my app, got my card looked at the time realized how much of my life had been wasted and became determined to make it count. So I went over to the nearest circulating library across the street to get a book, any book lmao!

I stepped inside and wanted a book and quickly! so I browsed whatever was right there I really wanted Fly Girl by Omar Tyree but didn't feel like trying to figure out and navigate their card catalogue even though its digital (at risk of jeopardizing my street credentials I have never read that book...there I said it!) I saw the Urban book case I walked over and right there on the lil biased shelf was none other than FLY Girl by Omar Tyree yayyyyy!!!! so I grabbed that and some other black something or other and tried to be independent and do self checkout, my pin didn't work so I checked ot at the reg counter lmao BUT THE POINT IS I FINALLY GOT MY NYC LIBRARY CARD AND I'M FINALLY READING FLY GIRL BY OMAR TYREE :)

whoo hooo so many hurdles one little day. oh and in case you didn't get the title tie-in ..if it weren't for racism there would not be an urban book section and that book wouldn't have been in the urban section and I wouldn't have been able to find it so quickly :) yayy Thank you American and Global society for hating Black people so much that you even isolate our written thoughts into little sections labeled urban or street or w.e. *end sarcasm -____-

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