Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gotta get this Offa My Chess

So I dunno if you've noticed but Im feeling chatty today, its probably because I'm not wearing contacts and the blurry vision makes me think ppl see me blurry too so I feel more comfy to share snce the details can't be scrutinized >_> so I think lmfaoo perception is a funny thing.  But yea I read  somewhere that Micki Minaj said that Foxy Brown's broken Silence album changed her life... so like a little stalker aka barbie I went and got Foxy's album and lo and behold it has changed my life too.  i love Foxy's rawness she is so open so vulnerable.  her albums are very lyrical well written and theres not that much superficial posturing shes says what she says the good and the bad about her her relationships and all her short comings.  She writes all about her medical problems, hurt, hopelessness, and depression just as real as she writes about her ill na na and I love it the balance and the full ride of her albums is really a refreshing kind of thing.  She is so open and strong, she is an amazing rapper and not credited enough for her talent.  Then i started listening to even more of her music and it turns out allll of her albums are good.  I always liked her as an artist and as a role model but I usually just listened to the singles not the whole albums when I was younger I didn't care about content w.e w.e judge me!  but rele though people r sleeping on the fox!  She is a phenomenal artist and one of the greatest rappers ever and she was so young when she was writing all this.  smh to be a woman its usually never a good time in this word.  I think her talent was not fully recognized and respected because of the time that she came out, women were just being heard then.  The ox still shines no doubt but she is not getting her full credit all because of discrimination..if I ever get to tell the story she would be named one of the deppest and greatest rappers ever!!!!  Long live the Fox!!!  bk !! lol

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