Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Past Sunday

This past Sunday I woke up and did all the things I wanted to doon Saturday but was too lazy too lmfaooo I finally hauled ass and got my library card lmfaoo cheesy I know but YOU DON'T JUDGE ME! OR MY BUCKET LIST!  then I ate soem Rataouille it was goooooood :D lmfaooo, then I went and got tickets to see the ONE THEEE ONLY MESHELL INDEGEOCELLO! pow BItch! i can't wait

Did ya'll know that Misehh used to date Alice Walkers daughter and that Alice Walker was seeing Tracy Chapman for a while????? whooooooooooo i kno me neither thats an interesting little les' bo grouping going on.  But yea.... then I went and finallyyy got my eyebrows done and got a facial = MUCH NEEDED ...VERY RELAXING!!!  I went shopping and finally got a winter coat and maybe tommorow I can go put my stuff in the cleaners to be taken in I need that whole jacket tailored can't wait ima ask for puffy shoulders bwahahahahahah I need to go get my nails done today maybe on lunch I dunno if I just want a clear coat or a color :/

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