Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Black Like Me!

Soo this book has been interesting.  The white guy involved in the experiment definitely came across as sincere and open minded and without prejudice.  The book covered interesting points about how the prejudice blacks experienced was not limited to black and white Jim Crow segregation of facilities, but even as Black would function within their rights they were commonly harassed and provoked without cause or reason.  I was pleased that John griffin reported these nasty outbursts and attacks by whites with honesty.  he reports that a ticket window lady lies and tells him she can't break his ten was extremely nasty and eventually changed his bill and threw his change at him and it all landed on the floor.  SMDH  good for him for telling it like it was.  He also put on blasts the extreme perversions whites had and how they would target blacks to sexually abuse and had a fetish for blacks.  he reports that while hitchhiking every white man that picked him up asked him inappropriate sexual questions and allll of them admitted to sleeping with black women. Most of the white men he spoke with asked him to expose himself to them <_> typical American white swag smdh. tsk tsk he also noted a bus driver that was cruel and wouldn't allow the blacks off of the bus at a rest stop for no reason.  these things are all terrible.  John Griffin did a great job dispelling the great American lie of Separate but equal and that Blacks were happy where they were and that whites and blacks functioned better that way and without hostility. This book noted plenty of instances of arbitrary cruelty that was dished out daily to any and all black faces.  I was just really impressed with his honesty at portraying White ignorance toward the segregation issue and White bias and unwarranted hatred and hostility towards blacks as a whole.  I recommend it, it was a good read.  Also Dick gregory was mentioned in here lmafoo Dick Gregory!!!! is a riot! Him and Paul Mooney were connected to everything we know from the sixties lmaooo!

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