Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Somebody please tell me why i have all the necessary equipment in a addition to a passion for blogging but it just doesn't happen -____-.  generally speaking I never ever ever ever do anything with the pics i take on vacation -_- sad I know but still.  they are there i just dunno what to do with them.  I almost never connect my camera to the cp.  Like honestly I haven't done such a thing in like 3 years 
*dead ass serious!*
and I've just been using the phone...but honestly barely even that.  I dunno what purpose this collection serves ...I'm hardly ever looking at my pics that are on my camera, im like a digital memory hoarder smdh. I don't believe in turning over my life files to Zuckerburg so uploading to facebook is just not an option, I will do better i'll figure some ish out -___________-  I wish I could defragment my life and just get everything together where its supposed to be, these loose end craps aint working...oh and I dont scrap book anymore.. perhaps I can do slideshows again I don't mind editing its simple enough and its more likely to be used than a huge scrapbook.  Also easier to carry on my nomadic adventures.   

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