Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rodriguez Sugarman!

So Ive seen this mind blowing documentary called Searching for Sugarman about this "failed" Detroit genius artist who was more popular than Elvis in South Africa but had no idea.  he never made any money of his record sales in South Africa and then he finds out he is this huge celebrity there and everyone thinks he is dead -__-.  he becomes extremely famous via the documentary and first tours in South Africa and then goes on a world tour which I will be buying tickets to.  This guy was living as a poor person in Detroit doing hard labour and now he is selling out world tours o_o I guess never lose your hope!  Seriously though his lyrics are amazing i bought both his albums and the documentary sound track... -_- which incidentally has the same songs as the first two albums but I was eager to support so I bought it anyway!!  VIVA SUGARMAN!!!

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