Friday, March 1, 2013

Have You Everrr...?

Brandy has nothing to do with this however...Have you ever felt slighted by someone and, ... and don't like their little tactics that you suspect they think you don't notice and you really want to call them out on their behavior but up til now you've had a relationship with no drama.  Like u don't like their behavior and wanna come out ya face and address it, but that may sour or tint your relationship and you don't really wanna go there cuz you're above it??  Like they are really doing some side ways tryna be yo best frenemy type stuff on the low >_> and you don't appreciate the negative vibe butt you don't wanna take it all there cuz it's prolly not worth it and you've already appraised them as a transient entity in your life, soon to be forgotten and not to be emphasized so your just gunna take the high road yeaaaaaaaaa that's exactly what I'm gunna do smile for now, over look the nonsense, and grow from it.  Every little thing doesn't have to handed to u on a silver platter and doesn't have to be corrected.  Live and let live *shrugs* butt pay attention 

^-^ and that little monster in the above right is EXACTLY what I look like when I come out my face, ... also I tend to this via text message on the phone as u can see the little monster has a little phone ^-^

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