Wednesday, April 3, 2013


No joke I'm like one of those movies when you time travel and you leave cluse for yourself in case you forget.  LMFAO I did that months ago but it helped me today.  So you remember back in the day when R&B was everything and I used to go to the gym??? right so around that time i had several combination locks because I would always forget one at home and have to buy another one, so after collecting like 6 I decided it would be intelligent to email myself the combinations to each lock according to color of the lock.  This way I would always have the combos searchable.  SOSOOOSO over a year later when my ole ass decides to get back into the gym i dug in my gym drawer and found my lock...of course I can't remember the combo to a lock I haven't used in over a year BUTT since I'm so damn phenomenal all i had to do was search combo in my email and up popped my long lost and forgotten combo...IT WORKED! and now im off to the gym after work today... >_> I mean I forgot my flip flips so I'm about to stop and buy some or catch Athletes foot butt u know once I get teleporting down I'll be all set :0)

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