Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ripped Tights Like Relationships

So this morning i get dressed and was happy until i noticed this widdle widdle fuzz thread on my tights which were otherwise impeccable of course the OCD in me had to mess with it i just wanted to pull/snatch the little thread fuzz off, which resulted in me first making it more obvious and then finally putting a huge hole in the tights.  Of course the hole meant I absolutely cannot wear the tights now and i have to change and put  a completely new pair on unless I want to commit to boots; which I certainly don't soo.... more time this morning getting dressed.  This event was of particular interest because as soon as I did it it reminded me of relationships, how something somewhat tiny and insignificant urks you and then instead of ignoring it you pick at it and then that will usually start an argument and that can lead to putting a big hole in your relationship...which can sometimes lead to a relationship totally being destroyed and then you have to get a new pair of boyfriends.. I mean tights...either way whether its tights or people this kind of thing is time consuming so don't nit pick unless your ready to throw away your tights and get new ones.

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