Friday, January 23, 2015

DAWN Richards @ Webster Hall NYC

It went down at Webster Hall NYC Jan 22 Dawn Richards sang and performed she was amazing !!! She is even prettier in person.   SHE IS SUCH A GREAT PERFORMER.  Dawn came out in all white with a Native American head piece and long gloves she just glowed!!!! You can feel and see that she loves what she does!
She performed all new songs which caused mixed reviews because some of us...shew all of us were dying to see her turn up with Automatic and Bombs...honestly I even wanted a snippet of Damaged! but HER NEW music flows !! I enjoyed the show.   VERY CHILL ARTSY CROWD.  Her show sparked a convo about how different she is, her music is very unique especially this new album, it's got a very eclectic Jazzy, neo soul, Badu, funky, electric, futuristic, vibe but she keeps to these native and African tribal themes/ COSTUMES it's almost like so futuristic she went back in time ...she is doing it ...There is no category!! LOVED THE SHOW!!

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