Monday, April 1, 2019

Increase Effectiveness of content!!

Hi Laylajewels Team,

Hope you are doing well.

Beating your competitors is the only way of survival in this highly evolving market.

Our preliminary analysis reveals that, there has been a gap in competing strategy of promotion and is the biggest cause of such web performance. 

Following are few niches which can help you for immediate improvement: 

- Right selection of keyword resolves half of your puzzle to promote your site.
- Need to ensure your On-Page check list to score a minimum of 90/100.
- Content has always been king for any promotion; however relevance score make it meaningful.
- Proper Landing page optimization reduces bounce rate.
- A complete strategic approach is necessary to run with your website goals.

We pointed out few necessary and basic inputs that can help you achieve a respectable position, however there are a lot to add and discuss about your website.

Should you be interested, get in touch with via email us. Given consent we would also like to provide you a no-obligation Analysis report.

Shay Shinom

Site Analyst /Digital Marketing

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