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Hello. Are you interested in website promotion?
My Skype: mayboroda_aleks
My WhatsApp/Telegram: +380973510878
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What are the advantages of working with me?

Payment upon completion of work. You do not need to take risks and make an advance payment, you will pay only after I have done the work and verified it.

Results in the form of position growth will be visible within a month. This will allow you to quickly assess the quality of services and make a decision on continuing cooperation.
There are examples of successful work, which will also allow us to evaluate the quality of services.
The cost of services is 3 times lower than similar services from SEO companies. Since I do not work for the company myself.
Website promotion is the most effective way to get the maximum target audience and orders for a minimum amount of money. No advertising or other methods allow you to get so much regular audience and orders for that kind of money.
Pay only for 5-7 months, then the site will be in the top 3. You will regularly receive targeted traffic to your website and orders, and you won't have to pay anything for it. This is very different from advertising, which you constantly depend on. Because if you stop paying for advertising, orders will stop coming. But in promotion it's the other way around: you only pay for 5-7 months, the site reaches the top positions, referrals and orders begin to flow, and you stop paying. And positions are maintained due to regular targeted traffic to the site.
Promotion is 10 times cheaper than advertising. This allows many people to create websites from scratch and receive a good return on investment in the first months of work. Which is much more reliable than when a lot of money is invested in advertising, and then in the end it doesn't even pay off.

What will be done to achieve the result

I will collect all requests on your site topic, I will collect frequency statistics for each collected request. Keywords will be needed both for promotion and site optimization and for anchors for buying links in order to improve and speed up promotion.

I will do a full analysis of your website and competitors' websites manually and using programs in order to identify all errors on the site, eliminate them and make the site optimization much better than your competitors did. Website errors can be different, but the most basic and common ones are: incorrectly written meta tags, headings, title, description, h1, robots.txt, sitemap, lack of adaptation for mobile devices. Unclosed links to other sites, broken links, incorrectly distributed weights on the site, incorrectly selected site engine, hosting, IP address, domain, etc.
I will buy high-quality links to your site from other sites to increase the link mass to your site. This is necessary so that search robots can see that other sites also link to your site. And due to high-quality links with good link indicators, Yandex and Google will raise your site higher in searches than competitors who do not buy quality links. Or they buy them on various exchanges, where they sell links en masse, which will not allow increasing link indicators. I buy all links only manually and from trusted sites that have already been effective for other client sites.

Cost and terms of website promotion

The cost of all work on site optimization and promotion is $47/month (it includes: collection of key phrases, site analysis, error correction, optimization, search and purchase of links). There will be a monthly check, replacement and renewal of links, a report on the results and growth of positions.
The cost of 1 high-quality rental link is on average $1.6/month. I recommend buying from 50 to 100 links to 1 site in total for the entire time. Since now it is not the number of links that is important, but their quality and link weight. I buy all links only manually on trusted sites that do not sell links on exchanges.
Promotion terms average from 5 to 7 months. Depends on the competition of the topic and on the site itself, whether they have worked on it before and how old the site is, the history of the domain and the purity of the IP and the neighborhood on the same IP. I will be very glad to cooperate with you, there is always the opportunity to agree by phone or by correspondence.

Sincerely, Aleksandr, SEO specialist in the field of website optimization and promotion.

My Skype: mayboroda_aleks
My WhatsApp/Telegram: +380973510878
If you are not interested, write "Unsubscribe" to Skype, WhatsApp/Telegram

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