Saturday, November 25, 2023


Hello. Are you interested in website promotion?

For quick communication (I don't answer emails):
My Skype: mayboroda_aleks
My WhatsApp/Telegram: +380973510878

Benefits of working with me:

1. Increase the conversion of your website by 2-3 times or more.

2. Increasing the target audience by 2-3 times or more.

3. Since I work on my own and not for a company, my cost is much lower than what companies charge.

4. Payment upon completion of work, done the work - paid.

5. You will have more time and energy, since I take on all the work of attracting clients.

6. Increase in the site's position for targeted queries already in the first month of operation

7. Reports on each step of the work and assistance on website promotion and optimization.

What is included in the service:

1. Drawing up a semantic core (a list of keywords on the subject of the site).

2. Analysis of the site for errors and their correction and optimization for key phrases.

3. Search and purchase high-quality links to your site directly from site owners who do not sell links to everyone on exchanges, which will make it possible to obtain maximum link weight and not risk being penalized for bad links acquired through exchanges and aggregators.

Promotion cost:

47$/month for work + 94$/month cost of 50-70 links to your site = 140$/month total cost of promotion.

But so that you don't take risks, I don't take payment in advance, so we can divide 140$ into 3 steps of work (which are written above) 47$ = 1 step, 3 steps of work in total. From the second month, payment will immediately be 140$ per month.

Promotion deadlines:

The effect in the form of position growth will be visible within a month.
Time frame for website promotion to the top 3 for all requests = 5-7 months.

Further, when the site is in the top 3, there is no need to promote it anymore, since positions are maintained thanks to behavioral factors and regular transitions from search to the site for queries.

Once a year, you can do position analytics and if some drops were noticeable, you can restore promotion and optimization for a month to correct the problems and return positions to the top 3.

Detailed promotion plan:

1 step. I create a complete semantic core of queries.
A list of queries for which you can and should promote your site in search. And by which people can find your site by typing these queries into the Google or Yandex search bar.

Step 2. I will analyze the site for technical errors.
This will allow you to identify errors on the site that may interfere with promotion. Errors may be contained in the code of the site or page, errors in the script, broken, broken links (when your site links to another site or page that does not exist).

External links to other sites not blocked from indexing, incorrect linking or lack thereof, incorrectly distributed site weights, when a page unnecessary for promotion receives the most weight, and necessary pages receive very little weight from the entire site.

Step 3. I search for and acquire quality links to your site.
When the site is fully optimized, it has the necessary content, with the optimal volume, the necessary entries, then it is advisable to start external promotion of the site - purchasing high-quality links to the site.

I will begin a step-by-step and gradual purchase of rental links to your site with the necessary anchors taken from the semantic core of queries.

This will allow you to raise your site to the top 3 for the necessary queries, increase traffic and convert visitors into regular customers of your products and services.

Step 4 Ongoing technical support and reporting.
This allows you to ask your question on Skype at any time, and also see what I have done for a specific period, for example, a day, a week, a month.

I provide reporting on what and where links to your site were purchased, what errors there are on the site that need to be corrected, see the real growth of the site's position, and much more.

Sincerely, Alexander, SEO specialist in the field of website promotion and optimization.

For quick communication (I don't answer emails):
My Skype: mayboroda_aleks
My WhatsApp/Telegram: +380973510878

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