Friday, October 22, 2010

Mah Weekend Sweet Weekend

Hella yea! My weekend will consist of chillaXXXXXIN!!! And yoga and netflix and good food and a lot of sleep and some reading and I figured out how to tweet from my kindle do there's no stoppin me now lmao tehe I can wait I could pop into a billion pieces of confetti!! YO I'M TELLIN YOU RIGHT NIW MY NETFLIX INSTANT QUEUE IS OFF DA CHAIN!! I wish that netflix would let you tweet commentary while ur watching the film lmao this way I could feel like I'm talking to someone lolol

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A poet Chills

Ima write chu a poem
A poem from sumbody who has a one chair apartment in Mc. Donals *finger snaps*
A poem about someone who rele couldn't afford that two $ rent to pay for a hot chocolate so they could sit and not be loitering
Ima write chu this poem tommorow cuz dats just the type of poet I am lol

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


To stretch and bend or not to stretch and bend I am tryna figure out which style of Yoga to get my teaching license in personally I love Vinyasa I prefer power Vinyasa but Vinyasa is just as fine and there r more options for this style in the city.  I wanna go for my 200 hrs soon but I feel like I should do a little bit more research before I jump the gun after all this is my liscense we r talking about.   Yo like which style should I chose??? I truth be told like a lot of styles including Hot Yoga sooo now its like which one is gunna be my life longpractice??? Which style am I gunna choose to affect and enhance other ppls lives and health the answer is .. MY AZZZ HAS NO IDEA!!! So its back to the drawing boards for right now, also I think I need to figure out which school I wanna go to too like which federation or alliance I wanna get my certificate with lmaoo so my questioms even more answers what is a fickle creature like myself to do.