Monday, November 28, 2011

This Show Is.....

Wayyyyy better than Gossip Girl! There I said it ^_^

Butt really tho this show is an amazing opera and its genius that its played out by high school students (so unrealistic) but so romantically entrapping lmao

Monday, November 21, 2011

I have a Son

He's black

Just In Case

Ima hol' on just in case

Seems Legit

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Burger n shake

Breakfast at Schnippers

Lovin it! Cute very small cute portions milkshake isn't the greatest chocolate shake ever, burger is tasty no as great as five guys but I'm happy for a chill november  Saturday morning not bad :-)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Note To Self

When seeking enlightenment, your break through may not come to you at the most convenient time.  Having to excuse yourself to deal with an issue from over ten years ago #nothowIwantedtospendmyFriday but happy to level up


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Girls Like US

This book was good. Very well written as in easy to comprehend and not pretentious very relatable and honest without being un-nesseccarily griity. Inspirational. I long for a day when classism, racism, and sexism will go away. You can tell the quality of a society by how they treat their elderly, animals and especially their children.

Can I Just Say ...

That I hat the fact the mar Tyree had the nerve to mention in Fly Girl that Tracey had considered going to Howard and then finally decided on Hampton boooo! lmao w.e w.e But Omar Tyree went to the real HU Howard! so I dunno why his character didn't go to the same school w.e. a good book slightly unrealistic about Victor and I honestly didn't see it coming but okay! And whatever happened to Carl????

Friday, November 4, 2011

Intergalactic Racism Disclaimer

*Grim Serious Voice+composed face*

To all those wondering how I found a way to incorporate American black plight into a TV show plot about Aliens... yo racism is everywhere! it's even in the stars ya'll wake up!

Vulcan Racism v. Human Racism

The Case of the Black Vulcan

Teresa Wiltz has written a great review for THE ROOT of the new Star Trek prequel. Having never, ever, seen an episode of Star Trek, I surely annoyed my theater companions, when I would ask, persistently: "Are we supposed to know that person?" But I will say that before long, nothing was lost on me, and that Star Trek is a pretty great summer popcorn flick.
Teresa mentioned some of the cross-cultural pollination that was edgy and rare in the 1970s and 1980s incarnations of Star Trek:
The original series, created by Gene Roddenberry and starring William Shatner, DeForest Kelley, Nichelle Nichols and Leonard Nimoy, provided cutting-edge social commentary and explored big themes: racism, war, sexism, identity. (And let's not forget that it was the place of the first black-white on-screen TV kiss, between Uhura and Kirk.)
My highly logical friend Reihan Salam has furthered discussion with an epic musing on the subject of race in Star Trek, and the case of the "black Vulcan". Submitted for your edification:
Readers of a certain age will remember the late and mostly unlamented Star Trek: Voyager, which I abandoned relatively early in its run. Part of the appeal of the show was that it featured a number of Star Trek firsts, including first female captain and, as far I know, the first black Vulcan, Tuvok.
My understanding, confirmed by Wikipedia (which doesn't fill me with confidence either, but it'll do in a pinch), is that Tuvok is a "full Vulcan," thus suggesting that Vulcan variation in physiognomy roughly parallels human variation. Which is a little implausible, but fair enough. Because Tuvok is one of the only black Vulcans we've come across in the Star Trek universe, you have to wonder: what accounts for this?
In the most recent Star Trek film, there were no black Vulcans at the highest levels of the Vulcan Science Academy. This could mean that black Vulcans are a very small minority. Yet Tuvok's wife, T'Pel, was also a black Vulcan. And so the pool of black Vulcans couldn't be trivially small. Or perhaps endogamy is relatively common across Vulcan ethno-somatic groups. But doesn't this strike you as an affront to the iron laws of logic? If ethno-somatic endogamy is not particularly common, one assumes that sharp "racial" distinctions would erode over time. Maybe not. But surely this phenomenon has to be explained somehow.
The iron laws of logic do cast doubt on another hypothesis, namely that the late emergence of black Vulcans in the Star Trek universe suggests human-like discrimination against Vulcans who vary from the phenotypic norm. Granted, we've seen evidence of Vulcan hypocrisy before. Vulcan color prejudice would really take the cake, though — it would be in such sharp tension with everything we've come to know and admire about Vulcan culture as to strain credulity. Moreover, the Vulcans have been a space-faring civilization for a very long time, far longer than humans. Would they have been able to unite the planet under a cult of logic while allowing color prejudice to powerfully endure?

My Response:

Uhmmm yeaaa cuz I don't see any type of conflict or contradiction here in all honesty it sounds like the United States, we are paraded as being the land of the free yet racism is rampant here, we are just now seeing our first Black president and there have been many racist comments made about him publicly on national television never mind what is said in the privacy of homes. For all intents and purposes Barack is earth's Tuvok. If watching our TV and movies a race of Aliens would ponder the same exact thing about us. Like Tuvok our leader Barack is married to a black woman yet you generally don't see any black women anywhere in our media. Blacks are sprinkled into our media occasionally and generally on any prestigious decision making board they are usually absent. The US is supposed the most advanced state of Human Rights on earth and we have an issue with Child Trafficking, really high rates of Animal Cruelty, Rape stats are through the roof, domestic violence is everywhere, too many of our children are homeless or in poverty, child abuse is everyday here, our prisons are filled to the brim and we are supposed to be a democracy. We criticize other countries for their treatment of women yet in America women are still being paid 75cents on every dollar that a man earns for the same job. There is still a debate about whether abortion should be illegal, and women are overwhelmingly the majority of the poor neighborhoods, and most of the welfare recipients. It happens in America everyday our society is totally hippocritical about these issues sooo why you find it odd that this could happen amongst a race of people in space? o_O

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Can I just Say!

That I loveeeeee:
  • the library!
  • Don Nicoleone and her show :)
  • Grits n Cheese
  • my schnukums
  • google
  • this book im reading: Fly Girl by Omar Tyree
That I miss:
  • when t-mobile had reasonable prices
  • my cousin n them
That I want to:
  • read every good book ever written
  • learn how to levitate ( lmao)
  • watch every great series every made