Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Love Rihanna

Seriously like this girls work! her voice! her style! everything is flawless she is an amazing person and artist.  I really didn't realize how much I like her.  She is extremely authentic.  It takes a deep person not to get caught up in the "stuff" of being a celebrity.  RiRi is amazing I love her!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I feeel like I'm falling from a really high mountain top and I can gracefully glide or I can hit the freakin ground but while I'm in this place I feel light fluttery and free and hopeful

Monday, February 25, 2013

I May Be Being Ridiculous

However as u ca see I like to write a lot. I'm also releee picky with my joural selection, I just used the last pages of a black soft cover 3.5 x 5.5 moleskine and I wanted something similar so in a pinch and about to travel I bought the cheap last minute emergency blue notebook from kmart but I dun wanna write my thoughts down in something that looks like that ^-^ so I found the purple one from kmart cuz I did NOT feel like going to barnes n nobles specifically for a journal...too cold AIN'T NOBODAY GOHT TIME FOH DAT!!!! I like the purple barney journal tho its cute the stationary is nice.

And Then it Hits You!

Bam Cafe is a really cute little cozy spot with live music and an adorable bar lmaoo!! I had a great time here its a great venue. :0)

Valentines Day

If you ever get the chance to sit it out or dance.. I hope you dance!

George Clinton B.B. Kings February 12th 2013

So I went to see George Clinton at B.B. Kings February 12th it was grrrreat! I'm so gased I got to see him and P Funk perform live.  Lmaoo and he performed in a suit .... -_____- a regulah black suit with regular hair nothing crazy.   feel like this was the one conservative show that he ever did and I got to see it! lol!  It was a cute night!

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Crystal Cracked

"Another world, another time. In the age of wonder. A thousand years ago, this land was green, until the crystal cracked. A single piece was lost, a shard of the crystal. Then strife began,"

Lmaoo so yea that's what happened to me this morning I dropped my deodorant and it cracked v_v I've had it for over a year now lmao and have looked down on others for dropping their crystal deodorantlmaoo and now I suffer the same shamefulfate.  If you recognized that quote fromThe Dark Crystal U ARE A DORK! just like me :0) I have to smooth it down soI don't scratch my armpits.... 


"You done? you tight? you suck at life? you don't want a round three you done suffered twice"-Nicki Minaj


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Somebody please tell me why i have all the necessary equipment in a addition to a passion for blogging but it just doesn't happen -____-.  generally speaking I never ever ever ever do anything with the pics i take on vacation -_- sad I know but still.  they are there i just dunno what to do with them.  I almost never connect my camera to the cp.  Like honestly I haven't done such a thing in like 3 years 
*dead ass serious!*
and I've just been using the phone...but honestly barely even that.  I dunno what purpose this collection serves ...I'm hardly ever looking at my pics that are on my camera, im like a digital memory hoarder smdh. I don't believe in turning over my life files to Zuckerburg so uploading to facebook is just not an option, I will do better i'll figure some ish out -___________-  I wish I could defragment my life and just get everything together where its supposed to be, these loose end craps aint working...oh and I dont scrap book anymore.. perhaps I can do slideshows again I don't mind editing its simple enough and its more likely to be used than a huge scrapbook.  Also easier to carry on my nomadic adventures.   

Au Bon Pain Brie Cheese and Grapes

 So I've been eating this like everyday its so good its like the perfect size for a light lunch!  its amazing nom  nom nom!  Brie is my favorite but I will also eat the cheddar and swizz one too.  The herb and cheese was also good.



I love this store

Coldest Winter Ever

No Sister Souljah tho...This weather is making me for the first time ever want to stay home and watch TV and just curl up in bed.  I think I might hibernate this year.  I haven't even been out in the water yet this season. smdh oh welp!

Chamomile Tea

I'm really feigning off some chamomile tea lately its like the best things ever.  My former tea boyfriend was the Yogi Tea Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut.  That was my booo forever but chamomile is just soo calming.  I picked up the Chamo habit bumming it in coffee shops they always have Chamomile not necessarily Yogi tea or Vanilla Hazelnut... in fact they absolutely never have it so it was smarter to just get attached to a more popular tea, that is almost universally caffine free. :0)

Catch My Breath

I really like this song itz cute, and true, and holds some kinda value.  Good description simple and easy to remember lyrics.

What I Want

Ideally several years ago *coughs* this blog was designed as an open door to my feelings and goings on!  Write now I feel like so much has been going on and I haven't been updating.  So what I want for the future is to be a bit more transparent this is just the check in and sounding board of my life and I want it to be a little more flowy..w.e the hell that means.  I am even considering.....posting pics like of myself . >_> I sed considering so I dunno.  But yea.... we shall see at the very least I do want to post pics that I have taken.  more so on a daily grind basis as opposed to a once in a while something remarkable happened type of thing ^-^.


SO this ticket things is getting out of hand.  I recently attempted to go get tickets for a show at the beacon theatre now mind you the show isn't until this April, no one hardly knows about this artist and the tickets jusssst went on sale like the last week on January.  So I went to get the tickets and they were sold out.  -___- teh best seats in the house would have been 69 dollars.  So I figure maybe I should try "a ticket vendor notorious for jacking up show prices"   SOSOSOSOSO i go to" a ticket vendor notorious for jacking up show prices" only to find out that they have literally alllllllllllllllll the tickets to the show available its just that now the prices for the event have been doubled. -__- this no fair and i have a feeling this is not kosher smgdmfbh!

Note vs S3

Well u know i alwayz gotte be special so instead of getting the S3 like everybody on earth i want the note,  solely to stand out....if im giving up my sidekick then its gunna be for something else that will stand out ^-^ but I love my sidekick and always will itz just that recently it stroked out and damaged my sd card which means until i recover my files alllllll my music and pictures are in the phantom zone -_____-  me dont appreciate tit!  my only issue with this is i hope that the screen is touch screen and i dont only have to use a stylus

Rain Bootz

I releee want these boots but i want to buy them in person not offline and I dunno where to find them in a store -____- one day i shall figure this out!

Black Like Me!

Soo this book has been interesting.  The white guy involved in the experiment definitely came across as sincere and open minded and without prejudice.  The book covered interesting points about how the prejudice blacks experienced was not limited to black and white Jim Crow segregation of facilities, but even as Black would function within their rights they were commonly harassed and provoked without cause or reason.  I was pleased that John griffin reported these nasty outbursts and attacks by whites with honesty.  he reports that a ticket window lady lies and tells him she can't break his ten was extremely nasty and eventually changed his bill and threw his change at him and it all landed on the floor.  SMDH  good for him for telling it like it was.  He also put on blasts the extreme perversions whites had and how they would target blacks to sexually abuse and had a fetish for blacks.  he reports that while hitchhiking every white man that picked him up asked him inappropriate sexual questions and allll of them admitted to sleeping with black women. Most of the white men he spoke with asked him to expose himself to them <_> typical American white swag smdh. tsk tsk he also noted a bus driver that was cruel and wouldn't allow the blacks off of the bus at a rest stop for no reason.  these things are all terrible.  John Griffin did a great job dispelling the great American lie of Separate but equal and that Blacks were happy where they were and that whites and blacks functioned better that way and without hostility. This book noted plenty of instances of arbitrary cruelty that was dished out daily to any and all black faces.  I was just really impressed with his honesty at portraying White ignorance toward the segregation issue and White bias and unwarranted hatred and hostility towards blacks as a whole.  I recommend it, it was a good read.  Also Dick gregory was mentioned in here lmafoo Dick Gregory!!!! is a riot! Him and Paul Mooney were connected to everything we know from the sixties lmaooo!


And I  aint talkin bout Alicia's baby no noo!... i'm considering going to Egypt this summer but I'm not sure yet. It would be a trip with a group of African oriented Yoga and healthy healing type guru peeps they seem cool enough but you always have more fun if you go with ppl you know especially ppl you usually travel with because they will be your speed, you know what to expect, and you know you will have a blast no matter what.  Also everyone is like you better do research before you go there because they are having security issues and they just bombed an embassy over there.  Which is tru and then there is always the Burka issue not sure if i will have to wear it, I damn sure am not feeling having to wear that!  We shall see its just a brainstorm,  I'm fine either way *shrugz*  *things to consider* #ilikemyworries

Coat in the Cleaners

So i have to put mee coat in the cleaners to get a button put back on and also to have it cleaned...i think this is my favorite coat!  Things to do things to do!

Rodriguez Sugarman!

So Ive seen this mind blowing documentary called Searching for Sugarman about this "failed" Detroit genius artist who was more popular than Elvis in South Africa but had no idea.  he never made any money of his record sales in South Africa and then he finds out he is this huge celebrity there and everyone thinks he is dead -__-.  he becomes extremely famous via the documentary and first tours in South Africa and then goes on a world tour which I will be buying tickets to.  This guy was living as a poor person in Detroit doing hard labour and now he is selling out world tours o_o I guess never lose your hope!  Seriously though his lyrics are amazing i bought both his albums and the documentary sound track... -_- which incidentally has the same songs as the first two albums but I was eager to support so I bought it anyway!!  VIVA SUGARMAN!!!

Large Hot Chocolate

SOo lemme tell  you how yesterday alll I could think abut was a Large Hotch Chocolate from McDonalds.  SO after work I stopped into MCDs had some fine Irish dinning and ordered my hot chocolate to go.  Somehow I got a large steamed milk -___________________- but they knew they gave me sum' wasn't right cuz they asked me did i want it mixed with anything so of course i said know..what would you mix hot chocolate with???
Im seww done..thats what i get for eating there smdh